Child Resistant & Cannabis Packaging

Tin King USA takes pride in being the trusted manufacturer of custom containers and packaging in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.

We offer distinct lines of child-resistant containers designed to meet your budgetary needs. There is nothing cheap looking about our Child-Resistant packaging.

All our custom-made packaging materials are CPSIA and ASTM certified and meet child safety requirements.

We have designed child-resistant containers to protect children and their safety.


For all your child-resistant container and packaging needs contact Tin King USA today!

Young children are naturally curious and consider a closed container to be a challenge to overcome. With this in mind, our child-resistant tin containers are designed with safety features that do not detract from the high-quality packaging solutions that customers need and demand.

Keep children safe with our cannabis child-resistant tin containers and packaging. Contact Tin King USA today!

In addition to child safety, Tin King USA also considers important factors such as fulfillment, freshness, and beautifully designed tin packaging that meets our customers’ objectives. We take pride in offering our clients a wide selection of options for designs, sizes, shapes, ink combinations, tinplate thickness, inserts, embossing, debossing, finishes, and more.

Design your products to stand out from the rest of the crowd with our custom tin containers, safety boxes, and packaging.

Tin King USA is excited to incorporate your unique brand ideas into your custom tin containers and packaging design. Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and let our team of experts assist you in developing your "ideas" into your custom product to meet your branding and marketing objectives.

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If You Can Think It, We Can Tin It!

For all your child-resistant container and packaging needs contact Tin King USA today!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our product quality and manufacturing. Discover why Tin King USA has been the trusted manufacturer of custom tin containers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.